Team Building Experiences

At Electric City Escape, we offer the best ways to create a fun team-building event. There are many ways we can build a custom team building experience for your company. These are just some of our most popular options. If one of these options works for you, great! If not, perhaps a combination of these will work best for your team. If you want to try something completely different, feel free to contact us! 

Team-Building Event Options:

  1. IN HOUSE - We have four escape games: Escape the Art Heist, Escape Coal Mine #109, Escape the Final Act: The Houdini Experience, and The Doctor’s Study. We can host a group of up to 40 people at once, split between all four of our escape games.

  2. OFFSITE - Find the Cure to the NEPA Virus - This is slightly different from other escape games because it is designed for a larger group to play all together. Each participant plays a character as well as works together to solve puzzles as a group to find the cure for the virus. Depending on size of the facility, we can host anywhere between 12-40 people at one time. This activity can be played in offices, coffee shops, classrooms, libraries, conference rooms, and more. We may need to do a site survey depending on how much information you can provide. We do have some venues that we can work with near our location in downtown Scranton as well.

  3. OFFSITE - We can create a custom scavenger hunt for your group around a specific area you decide upon. We design a series text based clues, so all your team will need is one phone with texting ability to receive our clues. This can be played as one large group or split groups to compete for fastest time.

Contact us today to create your unforgettable team building experience!

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We are very flexible with large groups to accommodate outside of our normal business hours. Let us know a time and date by submitting a contact form and we will be sure to schedule your event. (*Note: These larger group activities are typically scheduled once per day, so please contact us as soon as you know the date you would like to hold the event. We schedule on a first-come, first-serve basis.)

Escape Games - 2-16 = $25 per person, 17-40 = $20 per person, 40+ contact for pricing

Scavenger Hunts - 2-30 = $20 per person, 30+ contact for pricing

*Additional Fees may apply to offsite locations.