NEPA Virus


NEpa Virus Room Escape

Your boss has hired Electric City Escape to teach you several different ways to escape stress at work.  Our team at Electric City Escape, has arranged a special guest to conduct this seminar on "Escaping the Daily Grind."  Our special guest will be discussing ways to escape emotionally, physically, and mentally through the use of puzzles.

But, Wait! Someone sabotaged the seminar and has released the NEPA Virus into the Scranton Electric Building. The virus symptoms begin to show in you and your co-workers. You are all now quarantined to Electric City Escape Room.  

Hurry! You need to find the cure inside Electric City Escape before everyone is NEPAtized!

This is the newest and biggest escape game to come to Northeastern Pennsylvania.  The minimum number of people to participate is 10 and the maximum is 30.  

Please e-mail or call Electric City Escape to reserve this game today.