Mall Madness Scavenger Hunt


Thank you to all of our Mall Madness Throwback Scavenger Hunt participants! This event on September 14th & 15th was such a blast [from the past]! Team photos are below!

The story: “Your team was teleported back in time by a renegade group of aliens. These guys are twisted and have sent you back to the 80’s in a game called “Mall Madness.” Only the smartest will survive. This game was created by “Alf” to test human’s ability to scavenge and hunt for clues and sales. Your team only has one hour! Solve all the puzzles and then get back to the teleportation chamber. You will be granted access if you can beat this test and grab some deals!”

Congrats to our Best Dressed 80’s team and to the Fastest Time Winners! You are TOTALLY RAD!

Our Awesome Participants in the 80s Throwback Scavenger Hunt at the Marketplace at Steamtown.